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The proposed temple will have a complex enshrining three main deities with a large multi-purpose hall, library, Hindu heritage museum and enough parking spaces.  

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Awaiting government decision about size and place of land. Our statues are in store awaiting the decision.

Our Aim - Canberra Hindu Mandir

Dr Krishna Nadimpalli, President


The aim of the Mandir is to provide a platform based on Agama Sastra (traditional temple architecture) in meeting the religious and spiritual needs of those who seek God realisation through His various manifestations, in accordance with traditional Hinduism following the doctrine of Sanatana Dharma.  

As a Hindu practising community, we are an inclusive and peace loving community.  This temple will complement the services of the existing temples in Canberra serving the needs of the Hindu Practitioners living in Gungahlin and surrounding areas. We are united in voicing our needs and we would like to have 2 hectares of land away from the residential area that will cater for our current as well as future needs, without disturbing the residents. 

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Statues have arrived and waiting for consecration

Our Objectives

Spiritual Centre

We aim to meet the spiritual, ritual and ceremonial needs of steadily growing Hindu population in the Gungahlin district, North Canberra and interstate & overseas visitors.

Centre for Ceremonies

Once the facilities are built, people will find a place for regular religious activities, cultural learnings, marriages and other ceremonies.

Cultural Centre

In addition to conducting deity worships and religious classes, it will encourage learning of arts, such as music, traditional dances, yoga, meditation and ethnic languages

Centre of Learning

We will provide comprehensive state-of-the-art educational services include Indian languages, ancient scriptures, fine arts and cultural activities.

Religious Centre

There are many manifestations and most importantly the belief of trinity of Gods - Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh, Hinduism believes in one and only one supreme God

Yoga Centre

Yoga is aimed at overall well being of the individual in harmony with nature. This helps in spiritual progression through internalising the senses and embracing the universe as one family - Vasudaiva Kutumbakum.

Hindu Heritage

Mandir will publish magazines and maintain a library of religious books and resources that will be used as a Hindu Heritage Museum and educational centre for researchers

Activities for Retirees

Provides a common platform for meeting spiritual needs of aged Hindu population through activities incidental to the spiritual well being - such as group prayers, discourses, talks on ancient scriptures.

About Us

About Us
Hindu Practitioners of Gungahlin (Canberra) district require a temple closer to their home to meet their spiritual and cultural needs complimented by the services provided by other temples in Woden and Belconnen districts. The need accentuated with the steady growth of Hindu Practitioners in Gungahlin (North Canberra) as reflected in the last Census. Strong demand by residents and their visiting families, relatives and friends from overseas and interstate has brought members of various Hindu Practitioners together to come up with a plan and proposal for a temple in fast growing Gungahlin district.

Frequently Asked Questions

The ACT government is keen to ensure that the rapidly growing population of Gungahlin is well served with appropriate places of worship and a community facilities. According to the Government statistics, there has been about 84% increase in the number of people who identify themselves as Hindu between 2006 and 2011 Census of Population and Housing. In the Gungahlin region this increase was more pronounced with a 185% increase over the same period. (Minister Joy Burch). The aim is to make the temple accessible to the Hindu Practitioners living in Gungahlin area.
Yes, for Australian residents only. Tax deductible receipts are now available for the donations made to the school building fund. In order to make a donation towards the school building fund, please transfer money to the following account: Account Name: Canberra Hindu Mandir BSB: 06 2900 Account Number: 108 916 34 Once you transfer the money, please send the acknowledgement receipt to info@hindumandir.org.au for a tax deductible receipt to be issued.
You can be either - Annual member $25/year Life member $251 for life time Trustee $10,001. You can fill in the pledge form (link to the pledge form) for contact US (link) with your details we will open the general memberships (excluding trustees) once the land is allotted to us.
Anybody who respects/practices and has faith in the Hinduism based on principles of Sanatana Dharma from any country are welcome to join Canberra Hindu Mandir.
This project has overwhelming support from FINACT Hindu Council of Australia, Vishnu Shiva Mandir, Mawson, Shirdi Sai Parivaar, Telugu Association Canberra, Hindi Samaj, Gujarati Samaj, Indian Tamil Association of Canberra, Bihar Jharkhand Sabha, Karnataka Association, Malayalee Association, Sri Lankan Tamil Association, Fiji Community, Nepali Community, the list is growing steadily.........

Want to organise / sponsor a bhajan.

Devotees have commenced bhajans on the last Saturday of each month at Birrallee Scout Hall or at their homes on weekends.

United in need for temple

Why we need a temple?

Our vision is to establish a temple complex to practice, preserve, promote and uphold the Sanatan Dharma and Vedic Philosophy, based on the traditional Hindu scriptures and Guru Parampara.

The number of Hindu practitioners in Gungahlin area has significantly increased and attracted new migrants and first home buyers. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the responses provided for the year 2011 shows that Hinduism as the fourth choice of the respondents in ACT, with Gungahlin having the highest density of Hindu Population.