We need a Hindu Temple in Gungahlin, ACT.


Waiting for ACT Government's decision.

July has been a very busy for Canberra Hindu Mandir, with three events: Canberra Hindu Mandir held a stall in Curry-in-the-City event on 18 July 2014. Canberra Hindu Mandir made a profit of around A$ 4500 on that day. Thanks to all the community members and the volunteers for their relentless support. The crowd was amazing and the community enjoyed the vegetarian food. There were serpentine line in front of the Canberra Hindu Mandir stall. The volunteers feel encouraged and look forward to more such events to raise funds for the temple.

On 25 July, the Canberra Hindu Mandir had its regular monthly bhajan which is held on last Saturday of each month. The number of devotees attending this monthly bhajan is on the rise.

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Hindu Practitioners of Gungahlin district require a temple closer to their home to meet their spiritual and cultural needs complimented by the services provided by other temples in Woden and Belconnen districts. The need accentuated with the steady growth of Hindu Practitioners in Gungahlin as reflected in the last Census. Strong demand by residents and their visiting families, relatives and friends from overseas and interstate has brought members of various Hindu Practitioners together to come up with a plan and proposal for a temple in the fast growing Gungahlin district.

As a part of this drive, Canberra Hindu Mandir is incorporated and devotees have commenced community bhajan on the last Saturday of each month at Birrallee Scout Hall.  Apart from this, few devotees have volunteered to do bhajans at their homes on weekends to bring about awareness to the greater community.

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On Thursday 15/5/2014, some community members met with Land Development Authority officials and discussed the need and options. Hindu Community was advised to put in an application for the grant of land for a Hindu Temple in Gungahlin area. In order to meet the requirements, an association was registered in the name of “Canberra Hindu Mandir Inc” and an application was successfully submitted on 19 May 2014.

Meetings with LDA officials and representatives of Hindu Council of Australia, Fiji Indian Community, Indian Community and Government officials are ongoing for lobbying for the land.

Canberra Hindu Mandir Incorporated has submitted the final reports and information as required by LDA on 4 August 2014. The application is now being processed and will be sent to Treasury for review. Subsequently, it will be tabled at Cabinet for approval.

We have overwhelming response from overseas. Donors have committed to donate statues to the temple. This offer has come to us from Tirupathi, where an ardent devotee has mobilised people to donate towards the cause.

We need your help and you can assist and support the project by:

  • Subscribing to the membership of Canberra Hindu Mandir either through Annual, Life or Trustee memberships. Please see the attached Pledges and services Form for Canberra Hindu Mandir.
  • Making yearly contribution/donation of A$100 on birthday or special occasion for each of your family members (example – birthday, anniversaries etc). Please see the attached Form Birthday & Special Events Pledges Form.
  • Inviting your friends and family members from ACT, interstate and overseas to take interest and participate in events and contribute generously to the cause.
  • Volunteering your services. Please send an email to info@hindumandir.org.au with your interest, specialty and availability.