We need a Hindu Temple in Gungahlin, ACT.


Waiting for ACT Government's decision.

  1. This temple complex will have three temples, one for Lord Shiva, one for Lord Balaji and the third one for Shirdi Sai Baba as Main deities.
  1. Canberra Hindu Mandir will demonstrate community support for this project to the Treasury.  This will be done through collection of Pledges.  The pledged amount will be collected subject to the land allotment. We aim to raise A$500,000 through Pledges.
  1. We are working towards getting a Not for Profit status to the Canberra Hindu Mandir Incorporated.
  1. You can extend your support in cash and kind and volunteer to have bhajan/satsang at your home to bring about awareness among your friends.

LetterWe seek input, comments and feedback on the project from community members.  Please send your input in person or email us at info@hindumandir.org.au.

Please submit your request at info@hindumandir.org.au, should you wish to subscribe to the CHM Newsletter for updates and progress on the project.