🙏 Mandir construction starts on 5 October 2022.

Hoffman Street, Moncrieff ACT 2914

Hindu Practitioners of Gungahlin (Canberra) district require a temple closer to their home to meet their spiritual and cultural needs complimented by the services provided by other temples in Woden and Belconnen districts. The need accentuated with the steady growth of Hindu Practitioners in Gungahlin (North Canberra) as reflected in the last Census. Strong demand by residents and their visiting families, relatives and friends from overseas and interstate has brought members of various Hindu Practitioners together to come up with a plan and proposal for a temple in fast growing Gungahlin district.

After a continuous lobbying and perseverance of the volunteers over 4 years period, CHM succeeded in getting ACT Government’s approval of the land identified in Moncrieff, Gungahlin.

If you are interested in supporting and / or organising satsang/bhajan at your home, please send an email to info@hindumandir.org.au

Please use the forms below to subscribe to membership.  Please donate generously to build your temple. You can donate using the bank details or goFundme to support the building of the temple.

GaneshLatest Update

  1. The ACT government has now approved 6000 Sq meters of land in Moncrieff for building a Temple. We now need your support in raising funds and meeting Treasury’s condition to demonstrate financial viability.

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