🙏 Mandir construction starts on 5 October 2022.

Hoffman Street, Moncrieff ACT 2914

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We update it regularly based on the questions people ask us.  If you have any other questions please do email us at  info@hindumandir.org.au we will respond to your queries for you and update our FAQs.

The ACT government is keen to ensure that the rapidly growing population of Gungahlin is well served with appropriate places of worship and community facilities. According to the Government statistics, there has been about significant increase in the number of people who identify themselves as per the latest Census of Population and Housing, especially in the Gungahlin region.
Yes, CHM is registered with following governing bodies
  • Australian Business Registry and is bound by the ACT Associations Incorporations Act. The ABN number is ABN 17 487 375 497
  • Registered with Australian Charities and Not for profits as a Charity organisation
  • Registered with Australian Taxation Office as a GST Exemption entity due to its association with ACNC
  • Registered its school business fund as a Deductible Gift Recipient with AT)
Yes, Tax deductible receipts are now available for the donations made to the school building fund and used by Australian Residents only.   Donation made into the school building fund, are issued with tax deductible receipts.

The account for getting tax deductible receipts is
Account Name: Canberra Hindu Mandir
BSB:  06 2900
Account Number: 108 916 34

Once you transfer the money, please send the acknowledgement receipt to info@hindumandir.org.au for issuing a tax deductible receipt.
You may Contact Us for
  • Making birthday Pledges (send us the birthday dates of your family members)
  • Pledges for Important event dates (wedding anniversaries)
  • Donating on a particular day in memory of your loved ones
  • Making an one off contribution, Pledging a week/month’s salary
  • Regular deductions such as monthly/quarterly/yearly donations
  • Sponsoring the bhajan on last Saturday of on any month by paying A$105 towards the Hall hire at Birrallee Scout Hall
  • Purchasing paper plates, cutlery, and napkins for use at the monthly bhajans.
  • Please send us an email at info@hindumandir.org.au with your preference so we will send you reminder closer to the date that you nominate.
  • Donations (please also refer to the ‘Fundraising’ for more ways to contribute).
  • Canberra Hindu Mandir appreciates your contribution in cash, kind and support. For online monetary contributions, please find below the account details.


Canberra Hindu Mandir appreciates your contribution in cash, kind and support. For online monetary contributions, please find below the account details.

General donations can be made to the following account:
Account Name: Canberra Hindu Mandir
BSB : 06 2912
Account Number : 102 699 08

Tax deductible receipts (for Australian residents only) are also available for the donations made to the school building fund.  In order to make a donation towards the school building fund, please transfer money to the following account:

Account Name: Canberra Hindu Mandir
BSB : 06 2900
Account Number : 108 916 34

Once you transfer the money, please send the acknowledgement receipt to info@hindumandir.org.au for a tax deductible receipt to be issued.
You can be either – Annual member $25/year, Life member $251 for life time, Trustee $12,555 if before 30th June 2019 or $15,555 after 1st July 2019.

Devotees interested in taking up memberships must as per clause 1.2 of constitution need to lodge an application with the secretary and the application must be supported / nominated by a current member of CHM for life and annual memberships, and by a trustee for the trustee memberships.  Please see the Membership form.
The Secretary will forward all the membership nomination forms to Executive Committee for further action. Please note the executive committee will consider all nominations received and can exercise its discretion to refuse any application and is not obliged to provide any reasons, consistent with the constitution rules.

If the nomination is for Trustee Membership, the EC will put forth each month, the application to trustees.

On acceptance of a nomination, the secretary will notify the nominee as soon as practicable and will request the nominee to pay within 28 days after receipt of the notification. The money for the members should be paid into the below Bank Account

Bank Details:

Account Name: Canberra Hindu Mandir
$ For general donations
BSB : 06 2912
Account Number : 102 699 08
The first 21 Trustees who have taken membership prior to the land allotment (2014 – 2018 December) are called founding trustees. Apart from the name all rules apply same to the trustees.
Anybody who respects/practices and has faith in the Hinduism based on principles of Sanatana Dharma from any country are welcome to join Canberra Hindu Mandir.
The planning has commenced and we had the first public consultation session on the 19th January 2019. We will be consulting the Vastu specialist to build the temple according to the Agama Shastra. This will be a huge project requiring the skilled Sthapathis from India to build the temple. The temple will be built in a phased approach, over a period of 3 to 5 years provided if everything goes according to the plan and the required funds are raised for the purpose.
This project has overwhelming support from FINACT, Hindu Council of Australia, Vishnu Shiva Mandir, Mawson, Shirdi Sai Parivaar, Telugu Association Canberra, Hindi Samaj, Gujarati Samaj, Indian Tamil Association of Canberra, Bihar Jharkhand Sabha, Karnataka Association, Malayalee Association, Sri Lankan Tamil Association, Fiji Community, Nepali Community, Bangladesh Community, Ayyappa Samaj, the list is growing steadily………
The temple will be in Hoffman Street, Moncrief, Gungahlin to meet the needs of the ever growing Hindu Practitioners in the Gungahlin district.
No. The proposed plan is to have a complex of three shrines, one for Vishnu family, One for Shiva Family and one for Shirdi Sai Baba subject to the size of land granted by the ACT government. Please see the Constitution (provide link to constitution). The proposed Statues are

* Lord Ganesh
* Lord Shiva
* Durga Maata
* Subramanyam
* Lord Venketeshwara
* Lakshmi Devi
* Lord Rama, Sita, Lakshmana
* Hanuman
* Lord Krishna
* Navagrahas
* Shirdi Sai Baba

The temple will be done in phased approach. The website will be update with details about the phases and building priorities once the architecture is in place. Watch the space!!
The statues have been preserved very carefully in a shipping container on a devotee’s residential land in outskirts of Canberra.
We have following activities

* Weekly bhajans at devotees’ house on a Saturday of their choice for bhajans at their home. The volunteers from CHM help set up and run the bhajan at the devotee’s home. Please email us if you would like to have a bhajan at your home.
* CHM holds monthly community bhajans at Birallee Scout Hall at 5th The Valley Avenue, Gungahlin (Opp Burgman School) on the last Saturday of each month. This open to public. The program commences from 5:30 and finishes by 8:30 PM.

We also have other activities, such as Gurupurnima celebrations and if you are interested to receive the news of the activities please email us CHM also holds fund raising events through food stalls at Canberra Multicultural festival
After receiving some very valuable feedback from our Public Consultation forum on 19 Jan 2019, the CHM Trustees are considering making provisions for other deities. This will need to go through process outlined in the constitution and align with the Board Policy.
Yes, there will be provision for a canteen and community Kitchen in the Temple.
CHM has registered with ATO to have tax deductions for vedic school facility as part of the temple. Hence there is one general donations and membership amounts we have one account and the funds transferred into this are not tax deductable.
CHM welcomes all volunteers who are willing to help and assist with Temple activities. Please email us if you wish to become a volunteer.
This is not mandatory as part of the Agama sastra, however we are discussing this and the current plan is to include this as part of the last phase of construction depending on the funds raised.
Yes, we do have support from temples in Canberra, as CHM is complimenting the existing temples in providing religious and spiritual services to the growing Hindu community.