🙏 Mandir construction starts on 5 October 2022.

Hoffman Street, Moncrieff ACT 2914

Mr Ambarish Natu

Executive Member
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Mr Ambarish Natu is a passionate Engineer by profession. He has won several awards in Engineering notably the 2014 Neville Thiele Award for Outstanding Contributions to Engineering from Engineers Australia. He was also awarded the Canberra Engineer of the Year Award in 2015 for his work as the senior engineering advisor for the Digital Switchover Program. The same year Engineers Australia appointed him a Fellow of Engineers Australia. In 2017, the Australian Computer Society elevated him as a Fellow for his contributions to Multimedia Technologies.

In the year 2014 Mr Natu designed and built a 9 Star Energy rating house where he currently resides using modern technology and Vastu Shastra principles and at a very modest cost. Ambarish has applied all his learning during his personal house building journey in the design of the Canberra Hindu Mandir where he is part of the Construction sub-committee.

Ambarish and his daughters are raising funds for the temple by recycling at the Container Deposit Scheme.

Tiny hero recycling to help COVID-19 victims in India

Tiny hero recycling to help COVID-19 victims in India