🙏 Mandir construction starts on 5 October 2022.

Hoffman Street, Moncrieff ACT 2914

Sponsor Deities

The devotees can sponsor any or all of the deities and can donate any amount towards the statues. The sponsorers’ who offer the amounts specified, will be able to participate in the Prana-Prathishta pooja of the deity of their choice.

Devotees can also choose to be the Principal sponsor for a specific deity by offering the amount specified for Principal Sponsorhip. The CHM will invite the Principal sponsorer and their families to lead the Prana-Prathishta Pooja of their choice of deity sponsored during the initial consecration and subsequent annual pujas to follow. Such donors will also have their name as sponsors on a plaque with maximum of 68 characters and displayed in the utsav hall.