ūüôŹ Mandir construction starts on 5 October 2022.

Hoffman Street, Moncrieff ACT 2914

Update – September 2014

Canberra Hindu Mandir Incorporated has submitted the final reports and information to LDA as per their needs on 4 August 2014.  The application is now being processed and will be sent to Treasury for review.  Subsequently, it will be tabled at Cabinet for approval.

While the processing is happening, we are continuing with our weekly and monthly bhajans.  There will be only one temple housing all the deities as listed below in Gungahlin-Hall area.  This is a communal effort and any little contribution would be a service towards this big venture.

People working on making this task are volunteers who have a passion and commitment for making communal services accessible for all Hindu Practitioners living in Gungahlin-Hall region.

In the mean time we want You to help us.  You can help by

  • Hosting a bhajan on a weekend (Saturday) at your home.¬† Send us an email to info@hindumandir.org.au to find out more.¬† We help you set up and run the bhajan at your home.¬† Currently we have one date available in September 20/09/2014.¬† You can book ahead all weekends in October are available.¬† We publish the names of the people hosting bhajan on the website.¬† Let us know if you do not want your name to be published.
  • Assist us in building online library resource by providing us links for Hinduism and vedic literature that aligns with our constitution.¬† Send the links to info@hindumandir.org.au .
  • Come and join us on monthly bhajan at Birrallee Scouts Hall on 5 The valley Avenue in Gungahlin on 30 September 2014 from 5:30PM for a 5:45 start.
  • We have an overwhelming response from overseas. ¬†Donors have committed to donate statues to the temple.¬† This offer has come to us from Tirupathi, where an ardent devotee has mobilised people to donate towards the cause.¬† The following Statues will be installed in¬† temple and are being donated:

1.  Shirdi Sai Baba
2.  Lord Shiva
3.  Nandi
4.  Lord Ganapathi
5.  Lord Subramaniam
6.  Nava Grahas
7.  Lord Venketeshwara
8.  Jaya Vijaya
9.  Lakshmi Devi
10. Anadal Devi
11. Durga Devi
12. Rama, Lakshmana and Sita
13. Hanuman
14. Garuda
15. Lord Krishna and Radha

  • Make Voluntary Contributions to the temple.¬† Birthday or events contribution scheme, where people fill in the forms and we send them to info@hindumandir.org.au .¬† A reminder and wishes closer to their birthdays or special events like wedding anniversaries.
  • People can deposit the money into Temple bank account *.
  • We need to build up our financial resources for operational and capital expenditure for the temple.

* The Bank details are as given below.

Account Name: Canberra Hindu Mandir
BSB : 06 2912
Account number : 10269908

SWIFT Code : CTBAAU2S (for overseas transaction)

Tax deductible receipts

We are currently working to obtain a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status and set up School Building Fund and Library Fund.  Once this fund is set up, people wanting tax deductions can have the receipts.  We will update the website once we have a DGR status for the two funds.

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