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The temple complex will have three main deities with a large multi-purpose hall, library, Hindu museum and parking spaces.

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Canberra Hindu Mandir construction is scheduled to begin on 5th of October 2022.
An event would be organised to celebrate Vijaya Dhashami. More details to follow.

Our Aim - Canberra Hindu Mandir

Dr Krishna Nadimpalli, Chairperson


The aim of CHM is to provide a platform based on Agama Sastra (traditional temple architecture) in meeting the religious and spiritual needs of those who seek God realisation through His various manifestations, in accordance with traditional Hinduism following the doctrine of Sanatana Dharma.

As Hindus, we are an inclusive and peace loving community.  This temple will complement the services of the existing temples in Canberra serving the needs of the Hindu Practitioners living in Gungahlin and surrounding areas.

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‚ÄúJust by starting the construction of a temple for Lord Krishna, sins committed in seven births will be wiped out and one will deliver his forefathers who are suffering in the hellish planets.‚Ä̬†¬†

Skanda Purana



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Devotees have commenced bhajans on the last Saturday of each month at Birrallee Scout Hall or at their homes on weekends.